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Bespoke Services

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First of all, thank you for your interest in our Jewellery! We are not a normal shop so please take a moment to look over the following information with regard to our various bespoke design services and the process of ordering from us.


Currently, our books are closed. We hope to be taking orders again very soon! In the meantime get in touch via the contact page to be added to our waiting list if you would like to be informed when books open up again. Commissions can take up to 6 months so the likely completion date for customers added to the waiting list now will be in approximately one year. 

Looking for a price?

For important deadlines it is always advisable to leave as much time as possible.

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Useful Information:

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Everything we do is handmade to order! Whether you have seen one of our designs you love or you want something entirely new.


If you've seen one of Andrew's pieces that you like like it is possible to get a version of your own!

Lots of our designs can be produced in a range of sizes and metal choices and are customisable to you.

For truly bespoke orders with new ideas and/or your participation in the design we offer a consultation service. There's no fee or obligation for the consultation but with the added complexities of incorporating novel design elements etc it usually works out in the region of 10-20% more expensive than ordering a version of an existing design.

Once we've talked about what you want and given you your quote (or a few options) you can take some time to consider. If you decide to go ahead then we take a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost of the piece and Andrew will begin work on your ring(s). (The remaining balance will be taken once the piece is completed and you take it away)

Choosing Your Design

Finger Size

For  local/domestic customers we can arrange a fitting in our workshop. 


For our international customers or for those that aren't able to visit us in person:


  • The most accurate solution is to purchase set of sizing gauges and send us the one(s) that fit best. (such as these)

  • If you go to a jewellery store and get a professional to take your size. Make sure to note if it is a “centre size”  or measured to the "leading edge". We use a Centre Size.

  • consider the width of the ring you want. (Wider rings will feel tighter on the finger)

  • Take note of the ‘internal profile’. This can greatly affect the feel of a ring on the finger. More rounded internal profiles (court shape) will be easier to get on and off the finger and feel more comfortable than a flat one. We make or rings with a comfort fit.

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We can mail your order to you or arrange for you to call into the workshop to collect. 


For international shipping we will always look into the costs and logistics before taking on an order.

We will do our best to find secure transit but we may have to decline some orders at our discretion if we believe there is a chance it wouldn’t get to you.

We cannot advise on possible import duty and taxes etc. Ultimately that would fall to you so please do your own research before placing orders to avoid unexpected additional costs.


Asking about a Quote?

We often get asked why we don't post the prices of our pieces. We understand that this can be frustrating but there are two main reasons we don't. Firstly, it's complicated as seemingly small changes to the design and material choices can make a big difference to the cost. Secondly, most of the jewellery we make is bespoke and often is a gift.


The best way to get a price is to go through the consultation process but if you would rather get a rough idea of cost first we’ll do our best to help.


For us to provide a reasonable idea of cost please give as much of the following information as you are able:


  • Your finger size

  • How wide you might like the ring to be

  • The materials you would like (metal choices, stones etc)

  • The design (whether that’s a picture of one of our designs / screen shot /sketch or whatever)


So, it is possible for us to give you a rough quote if you were to send us a picture of one of our designs and ask “how much would something like this be in 18ct yellow gold, size s, 3mm wide” for example.


Very generally, the engraved engagement style rings can start from £2500+. Engraved bands more like £1200+

(Either could be several times more depending the above factors)

For example, one of our more popular designs such as the sculpted leaf can start at as little as £1400 in titanium, £1500+ in single colour 9ct gold... or it could be up to £5000+ in some of the mixed colour 18ct gold variations. Most would be somewhere in between!

(Prices not inclusive of VAT for UK customers. Please look into your local import tax and bear this in mind if ordering from overseas.)

Roses in Titanium

Terms and Conditions

Bespoke jewellery is non-refundable

Due to the individualised nature of our creations, once your order is placed and production has started refunds cannot be accommodated.

Repairs (Jewellery made by us only)

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and service but if an issue arises we will do our best to rectify it.

In the unlikely case of a manufacturing defect this will be taken care of  promptly and without charge. If otherwise lost or damaged we will provide a quote for repair or replacement on request.

If you require any clarification on these points please ask, otherwise our assumption will be that you both acknowledge and accept these terms. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to creating a unique and cherished piece for you soon.

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