General Info

Effective from Monday 23rd March - The shop is closed to customers

Following the government orders on Monday evening, the shop is now closed to customers.  Jewellery is still being made by our goldsmith within the shop so your jewellery orders are still being fulfilled.

We will try as much as possible to send jewellery out to customers through the post for either sizing or final deliveries. details of which can be found below.  Anyone wishing to pause production of their jewellery please get in touch.

Accessibility and Deliveries

Delivery options


As it is no longer possible to collect jewellery by coming directly into the shop as you would normally do, we will send out both rings to try the size as well as finished Jewellery  Via Special Delivery.  The post is an essential service and will still be completely operational in the upcoming weeks. The only change to their operations is that special delivery 1pm is now no longer guaranteed for next day delivery at 1pm, in all likelihood the  parcel will still reach you the following day, however if there is a delay of several days,  please bear with them and don't worry. Special Delivery is tracked and insured and is the best way for us to send high value items safely to you and for you to send them back to us in the same way.

If you have been sent your ring for you to try  the size, please do so and then follow the instructions below to return it to us:

Delivery Instructions


  • The ring MUST be returned to us via Special delivery.

  • The post office has special delivery grey envelopes for you to use once you get there (you do not have to source your own envelope).

  • Royal Mail will ask you the value of your parcel, either up to £500 or £500 - £2500, choose the correct amount for your ring at this stage, as this is important for the insurance value.


Our Return Address is:


Ashcroft Jewellery Design

Studio 1 Fowler’s yard

Back Silver Street




We will acknowledge receipt of the return via email, then work on the final stages of your ring will commence!

Our cleaning and sanitizing regime in the shop and workshop is extensive, If you require any  additional information on our cleaning and safeguarding procedures in reference to COVID 19 please ask.

Ring Fitting Advice

How do I know my ring fits well?


Good fit

  • The ring on the finger should feel snug but not tight.

  • There should be some resistance to take it off, it should take a little bit of work to take off over the knuckle.

  • Your ring should feel comfortable to wear.



  • The ring should not feel too tight that it becomes difficult to remove

  • The ring should not be too loose that it can easily come off without you noticing, during exercise or in cold water for example.

  • The ring will feel looser or tighter than normal in different temperatures, so it is important to try the ring for its correct fitting in normal room temperature. The ring will feel tighter in hot weather when your fingers expand slightly and accordingly looser in cold temperatures.


If you are in any doubt of how the ring fits, try it at home for a few hours for a variety of activities and assess the comfort and fit of the ring over this time.